We are an online divorce recovery group — a community of women rediscovering who we are, what we are want and how to live our lives to the fullest, now after divorce.

What about you?

  • Are you looking for someone to listen to you?
  • Are you feeling more lonely than you thought possible?
  • Are you wondering what to say to your children?
  • Are you secretly worried you might become a bag lady?
  • Do you just want to talk to someone who “gets” how you feel?
  • Are you ready to stop obsessing about “him”?

MDRcommunity.com is a safe and secure place for you to talk with other women who are figuring out what comes next after divorce.  You can connect with women who are on that same challenging journey. We provide step-by-step recovery materials that will help you get to a better place … a place where you take control and create the life you want and deserve.

Divorce Support

Our site is filled with articles on Survival, Facing Reality, Helping Our Children and so much more.  Most of the activity is centered around our discussion rooms where we compare notes and exchange ideas about the issues we are facing. We listen to and support each other.  We provide encouragement, offer suggestions and find solutions in a place of safety and inspiration.

We know you may not be coping with your divorce like your normal in-control self. You may even feel like you’re launching completely off the deep end,  but in the community, you’ll hear stories that may make your own divorce craziness seem mild. You will find out that you most definitely are not alone in how you feel during this erratic, traumatic post-divorce uproar.  You’ll discover how normal your feelings are!

Exclusive Content

We are constantly adding new recovery articles, audio podcasts, courses, lessons, and reference materials that you can’t find anywhere else.  Come take a look at what’s Inside the Community

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

There is zero risk to joining our community.  You can cancel anytime.  We’ll even prorate a refund if you are an annual subscriber.  Keep any materials you have downloaded even if you cancel.

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