The Women

We are Strong, We are Proud, We are Beautiful.

I wish I could show a picture of every R.A.D.I.C.A.L. Woman I’ve had the privilege to know.  R.A.D.I.C.A.L. Women include professional opera singers, farmers, attorneys, stay-at-home moms, teachers, corporate leaders, CFOs, physicians, counselors, bankers, artists, personal trainers …. just about anything you can think of.  These are bright, beautiful, funny, witty, creative, capable women who have had their lives turned upside down in one way or another through divorce.  Maybe their “wasband”  ( was+husband) was an alcoholic or abusive or a workaholic or a narcissist who had no room in his life for anyone but himself.  Or for many of us, we had a wasband who decided to screw around with one of those tawdry, cheap, unprincipled creatures, notoriously called “the other woman.”  (I can think of lots of more colorful names for those men and those women who are an embarrassment to us all.)

But regardless of how we got in the “divorce” dungeon, we are women who refuse to whimper and whine and curl up in a ball and die.  We are women who are not going to let one dumb person destroy our life.  We are not going to let one person who didn’t “get” us (or what it takes to have the good life) make us miserable.

The trip sucks.  The hurt is worse than anything you have ever experienced.  The sense of desperate sadness and unbelievable rage are more extreme than you can explain.  But what’s happened has happened.  You can’t control anything he did or is still doing.  But you can decide to refuse to let the bad behavior of someone else ruin your life.

We are women who are going to battle and bust our way through this and in the process become wiser and more beautiful and more fulfilled and content and more loved than ever.  We’re going to help our children learn the positive life lessons of this trip.  We’re going to leave a shining legacy for those we love. We’re deciding what we want the rest of our life to be and we’re on our way to getting it.

If you want to sit around and be miserable and bitter and angry and ugly for the rest of your life, this group is not for you.  But if you want to grab life for all it’s worth … even with all of its ups and downs and twists and turns … and if you want to not be afraid to go get the future you want, then you’re one of us.  You’re R.A.D.I.C.A.L in the best sense of the word.

Life is wild.  Life is crazy.  Life is unpredictable.  But you have the power to decide that your life will be everything you want it to be … and more.  And if you’re a God person, this can be the time when God can use you most powerfully.  This is the time that your light can shine the brightest and you can have the greatest impact.

If you’re willing to grab this wild life and let God help you make it more wonderful than you can even imagine …. join us.  That’s who we are.  That’s who we are helping each other become.  It’s a life with nothing held back.  A life of unrestrained joy and  powerful purpose.  A life more full of love than ever before.  Get R.A.D.I.C.A.L. with us, now!